12.30 Registration – Building P (Komenského 314/2, Liberec)

13.00 Conference Opening - prof. Ing. Miroslav Žižka, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Liberec


Plenary session with the following keynote speakers:

LUBOŠ KOMÁREK, the director of the Department of External Economic Relations of the Czech National Bank will present the topic “25years of financial and monetary stability of Czech National Bank“. Luboš Komárek is the author of many scientific articles and presentations mainly on currency exchange rates, asset prices, financial integration and financial stability.


JIŘÍ KŮS, Czech entrepreneur, psychologist, propagator of nanotechnologies and the concept of the third industrial revolution of American economist Jeremy Rifkin. He is the spiritual father of the Czech Republic is nano project and chairman of the Czech Association of Nanotechnology Industry. Jiří Kůs will present the topic “Czech nanotechnology industry and the technological revolution of the 21st century“.


ARISTIDIS KALOUDIS, currently works at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), will focus on „How universities contribute to innovation“.


15.00 Coffee Break


15.30 Panel discussion Entrepreneurship in Digital Era:


  • Digital Czech Republic and, how to support it
  • Opportunity or threat to business (Internet of Things)
  • Education for doing business in the digital Czech Republic


17.00 Coffee Break


18.00 Guided tour of Liberec Town Hall ((Square Dr. E. Beneše)

19.00 Conference dinner Pošta Café – Liberec (Square Dr. E. Beneše 24/584)




Section: Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility


9.00-9.20 Kristýna Machová and Petra Taušl Procházková

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility in business

9.20-9.40 Michaela Krechovská, Kateřina Mičudová and Alena Staňková

Challenge of Sustainable Reporting: Case Study of Major Companies in the Czech Republic


Section: Entrepreneurship  and Innovation


9.40-10.00 Simona Činčalová

Possible Causes of Gender Employment Gap in European Countries

10.00-10.20 Eva Fuchsová, Jitka Laštovková and Michaela Jánská

Willingness to start up a business and the social capital in a regional context

10.20-10.40 Heikki Immonen

A Systems Engineering -Inspired Method for Studying Entrepreneurship Programs


10.40-11.00 Coffe Break


11.00-11.20 Martina Benesova and John Anchor

The Earnings Expectations of Business Economics Students in the Czech Republic and England: the effect of seniority

11.20-11.40 Mahmoud Elsayed, Amr Soliman and Karina Benetti

Credibility Modelling for Extreme Losses of Natural Hazards in Czech Republic: An Acturial Approach


11.40 Lunch



Section: Transparency in the public sector


9.00-9.20 Hana Benesova and John R Anchor

Gift vs Bribe: What Counts As Corruption?

9.20-9.40  Diana Bílková

Living Standard in OECD Member Countries

9.40-10.00 Simona Hašková

New Approach to Short-Term GDP Prediction: from Statistics to Fuzzy Model

10.00-10.20 Petr Líman

Changes in Economic Institutions - Impact of The Great Depression on The United States’ Government’s Role

10.20-10.40 Martin Petříček

Price elasticity in the market of accommodation services - empirical study in Berlin, Warsaw and Prague


10.40-11.00 Coffe Break


11.00-11.20 Aleš Kresta

Relationship of Fair Value Estimated by Analysts and Price Movement in Case of ČEZ, a.s. stock

11.20-11.40 Klára Kubíčková

Strategic philanthropy and philanthropic strategy

11.40-12.00 Martina Hedvicakova  and Alena Pozdílková

Analysis of Health Care Expenditures in the Czech Republic and European Union

12.00-12.20 Blanka Brandova

Nominal Convergence in the New EU Member States: Comparative Analysis


Quality of Government, stocks of innovation skills and level of economic activity in European regions


12.40 Lunch



Section: Entrepreneurship and Industry 4.0


9.00-9.20 Jiří Franek, Miroslav Hučka and Zuzana Cvancarova

Factors of Entrepreneurial Opportunity and Discovery in the Digital Economy Age

9.20-9.40  Martin Zelenka and Marek Vokoun

Robotic process automation in the Czech financial sector

9.40-10.00 Kateřina Maršíková and Anastasia Mazurchenko

Digitalization: transforming the nature of HRM processes and HR professionals competencies

10.00-10.20 Jana Šimanová and Aleš Kocourek

Readiness of Czech regions for Industry 4.0

10.20-10.40 Miroslava Vlčková, Petr Zeman and Jiří Alina

Analysis of the Financial Indicators in the Enterprises Affected by Industry 4.0


10.40- 11.00 Coffee Break


11.00-11.20 Petr Doucek, Milos Maryska and Lea Nedomova

Economic Efficiency of Internet of Things

11.20-11.40 Eva Šírová, Márcio Rodrigues and Beatriz Mendez

Challenges for achieving competitiveness in the EU atomotive industry

11.40-12.00 Natalie Pelloneová and Eva Štichhauerová

Performance Evaluation of Automotive Cluster Member Companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

12.00-12.20 Alexander Zaytsev, Jiri Kraft and Andrey Zaytsev

Influence of implementation of the Lean Production concept on development of market structures

12.20-12.40 Vaclav Sova Martinovsky and Lukas Skrivan

Usability of cloud computing: a comparison study between IT companies in the Czech Republic and the USA

12.40-13.00 Jan Ministr 

The Minimize of Employee Error or Fraud by Help of Compliance Management System

13.00-13.20 Petr Bartoš and Filip Habarta

Optimization of clickable elements on the websites based on user behaviour


12.20 Lunch

Download the printable version of the programme here.



Please make sure you are registered and that you payed the conference fee.


The event will take place at  Building P, TUL, Komenského 314/2, Liberec V-Kristiánov, GPS: 50.768209, 15.063301.


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